It’s hard to believe it’s been another year, but it’s time to reflect on the year to identify growth and good fortune.




  • Released 45 Videos
    • Received 2 Million Views over the last year
    • 16,325 Subscribers
  • Started monitoring link usage with
  • Learned how to do typewriter animations for videos using Apple Keynote
  • Learned how to grade S LOG 3

Creative / Programming


  • Developed a list of people I should connect with: People I should reach out to
  • Made a mini-music video for Charlie’s entry to sing with Andrew McMahon
  • Started doing early Morning Yoga
  • Removed the Ivy from the shared wall
  • Finished the Ikea Wardrobe (it still technically needs trim, but aside from that it’s done)

Experiences (in no particular order)

  • Found out I have genetically high cholesterol.
    • Was able to lower it 40 points with diet and exercise, but it still needs medication.
    • Tried Rosuvastatin, but it made me grumpy
    • Simvastatin seems to work well
  • Reached out to Peter to tell him thank you for his work and found out that he watches my videos as well. ♥
  • First copyright dispute scam on a YouTube video
    • Got all of this resolved. Thank you KaizanBlu
  • Switched to Neovim and then to VSCode
    • It was a fun, painful and exciting journey, but a huge distraction
    • The VIM journey was still plenty worth it as I absorbed the motions, learned a ton about the Terminal, and also got a fresh perspective about editors that aren’t Sublime Text. I think this has made me significantly more open-minded and I embraced some different approaches because of this.
    • I think the answer is: VIM bindings are good, but VIM as an editor has more pain associated with it than I would like. Plus, I don’t think I need the last 10% of customization that makes VIM special.
    • It lasted for about a month, before I realized I would be better off with VIM Motions in VSCode
  • Got invited to some betas
  • Monthly Check-Ins with Brian
  • Met Drew
    • Thank you for everything, Drew!
  • Dinner at And Dim Sum with Emily and Devin
  • Tried Vivobarefoot Gobi III, but they weren’t for me.
    • I want something lower that is easier to get in and out of.
  • Charlie made a lemonade stand yesterday and made $19.
  • Tie-Dyed for the first time
  • Bought a refrigerator for the first time. There’s something really satisfying about picking the one that you want.

Game Changers

  • Started using Dark Mode for everything
    • Dark Reader Chrome Extension for giving sites a Dark Mode theme
  • Learned I can work while on the treadmill
  • Learned to record the intros for your YouTube Videos at the end. At this point you know exactly what the video is and you’ll be able to convey it more easily and also get started more quickly.
  • Learned how to use Visual Mode and Caret Mode in Vimium to quickly select text
  • Switched to Raycast
    • It’s awesome, I should have switched to Raycast a long time ago.
  • Tabitha coming through with the art for the living room.

Books Read


  • Finished the initial campaign on God of War. It was so good. Thank you Derek

TV / Film / Theatre

  • Finished the Avengers Infinity Saga with Charlie