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My Favorite Things about Arc

  • More vertical space
  • Less Browser Crud
  • Beautifully crafted experience
  • Runs on Chromium, so extremely low switching cost
  • Runs all of your existing Chrome Extensions
  • Contexts match how I think and work
    • Being able to map user profiles to them is excellent
  • Folders to maintain my projects and workspaces is excellent
  • Has split-screen, but I find that I prefer opening multiple windows so that I can use my window manager
  • Copy and Paste a link with a keyboard shortcut it magical. I do this 20 times a day.
  • I use PARA to maintain my projects, resources and archive
    • Gives me confidence that I can get back to at a moments notice
  • Starting each day with a fresh slate is nice.
    • If something was important I will put it in a folder
  • Easels are cool, but I don’t have a major work use case for them. I did plan a trip with my wife with them. They are a lot of fun, but I Notion is a better fit for sharing most of the things I would use easels for at work.
  • Notes are great for writing a quick note CTRL + N
    • This is a great alternative to draft
  • I turn Little Arc off as I launch a ton of URLs from Alfred and I don’t want them going into Little Arc, I want them going into which Space I’m in.

What Keyboard Shortcuts did I customize?

  • Blank Window — CMD + N
    • I don’t use the options in the New Window dialog so I like that it is faster
  • I moved Refresh the page to CMD + Shift + R because it was preventing me from using a keyboard shortcut in some app and I found it annoying. I think it was Figma but I can’t remember
  • Previous Space CMD+ALT+Left
  • Next Space CMD+ALT+Right
  • Reset Tab to Original URL CTRL + \

Other Shortcuts I use

  • Add Split — CTRL+SHIFT+=
  • Close Tab — CMD+W
  • Screenshot to Easel — Hold CMD+Shift and Drag
  • Copy Page URL — CMD+SHIFT+C
  • Go Back — CMD + [
  • Go Forward — CMD + ]
  • Jump to Sidebar Item CMD + 1-X
  • Toggle Sidebar — CMD + S

What do I wish it had?

  • I wish I could split the active tab to it’s own window with one click
  • I wish I could navigate the Sidebar with my keyboard
    • Focus folders, expand folders, jump to specific tabs
  • I wish I could expose my Arc folders to Alfred so that I don’t need to manage my Bookmarks in Chrome still
  • I wish I could bring files into my Arc folders
    • Similarly I wish I could bring documents from my reMarkable tablet in there.
    • This is where I want to organize my projects
  • I wish I could back up my folders as I have a lot of content in there now that I would be very sad if I lost.