It seems like Alfred with a better UI. The fact that it has good Figma and Github support makes it interesting to me, but I haven’t found a good way to support Launch anything on your Mac with Alfred without having to think about is it a bookmark or not.

I have been using it for 8 days now and there are aspects of it I like. For me, it unfortunately is not a straight replacement for Alfred. The clipboard handling is not as seamless as it leaves Raycast focused instead of giving focus back to the application I was in. The lack of bookmark launching at the root is also an issue. With that said it is still useful and has some features that Alfred doesn’t so I still have it installed and I am using it alongside Alfred. I have Alfred bound to Option + Space and Raycast bound to Command + Space.

Cool Workflows

  • Open Figma Files
  • Open Github Repos
  • Find Files that I recently saved to my downloads folder and copy them to my clipboard
    • Find Files
    • Type file name
    • Command + . to copy the file