My original, older process is available at: My YouTube Video Process (OLD)

Ideation / Writing

  • Come up with 10 Title Options
  • What should the thumbnail be?
  • Write an Outline
  • What is the hook?
  • Write a script or bullets
  • How can I segue in to the 5-minute call to like?
  • What conversation should I drive in the comments?
  • Where should I send the user at the end of the video?
  • Is there another video I can mention or reference in this video?


  • Is the ISO and Aperture Correct
  • Is the Videomic unplugged?
  • Is the F2 on?
  • Record the A-Roll
  • Take Thumbnail Photos

A-Roll Edit

  • Edit the Dialog (Note any B-Roll you will need)
  • Make a Thumbnail
  • Make a list of what B-Roll we need

B-Roll Prep

  • Record B-Roll
  • Generate a selects timeline

Polished Edit

  • Put in the Chapter Titles
  • Chop up any long-running clips (to stay interesting)
  • Should I include the Channel Intro / Subscribe CTA?
  • Generate and export subtitles


  • Jot Down the Chapters
  • Write a Description
  • Add Tags for common mispellings
  • Schedule
  • Post it to the Knowledge Workers Discord
  • Leave a pinned comment inviting people to like and subscribe
  • Promote on Mastodon
  • Mention on Reddit