“I loved thinking about big, lofty goals and I was good at getting things done hour by hour, but neither was truly satisfying. I was happiest when I had something I could hold on to in the present—a chunk of time that was bigger than a to-do but smaller than a five-year goal. An activity I could plan for, look forward to, and appreciate when it was done. In other words, I needed to make sure every day had a highlight.” — Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Make Time

Something that if accomplished would make today a success.

I also sometimes refer to this as “Progress Time“. This is the time when you make progress on something meaningful.

I usually try to do this during my Most productive time of the day (which happens to be the morning for me). Having a Daily Highlight plus an uninterested block of time in the morning is the best recipe I’ve found for Deep Work