First thing in the morning, I’m The Pilot. I grab my morning coffee, take a step back, and figure out what I want to get done that day. Then I take a break and switch into being The Plane. At this point, and for the rest of the day, my job is just to execute orders that The Pilot’s already given. Crucially, I don’t need to worry about planning, or think too hard about what I could be doing with my time.

Once I’ve set my Daily Highlight, I Time block it in my calendar, and protect that time from any meetings or distractions that pop up during the day.

The final (and most optional) step is to make a might-do list. Unlike a list of stuff I have to do, it’s a brain dump of tasks I might do if I feel like it. I try to capture 100% of the possible tasks for that day. This clears my brain of internal clutter and helps The Pilot confirm that the Daily Highlight is the highest-priority thing for the day.