2022-05-07 Weekly planning is going well, but I think I am packing my days a bit too tight, as usually at least one thing slips each day. I have also noticed that my afternoon productivity is not nearly as strong as my morning. This is not completely surprising, but blocking in my day makes it more obvious.

2022-04-30 This past week, with the introduction of Akiflow to my workflow, I have noticed the benefit of weekly planning. Prior to the sprint starting, I looked at my tasks in Akiflow and my tickets for the sprint and slotted out time for all the tasks I planned to take on this sprint. I marked each as a Daily Highlight and they stand out on the calendar compared to the other tasks. It is so much easier to start a day with your Daily Highlight already selected. Of course if something else become more important I can tweak what my highlight is, but it is comforting to have a plan.

Do your planning at the beginning of the week. Review the morning of and then put the blinders on with Day View.


How to Plan Your Week

Every Monday I start with this template:

  • Top 3 projects
  • Events or themes each day
  • Any misc tasks
  • How I want to celebrate at the end of the week

Even a simple plan like this will eliminate dozens of redundant decisions for me over the next week. From: 2x2 How to Plan Your Week