Experiences (in no particular order)




  • Started the year at 340 subs
  • Gained 3,437 subs
  • 30 Videos published
  • 35,864 watch hours
    • (1494.33 watch days)
    • (4.09 watch years)
  • I stumbled upon my Save Chrome Tab Groups with Tabox video from a year ago and the quality difference is pretty significant. Same sweater, much better video quality.
  • Defined a YouTube Video Process and learned the importance of thumbnail, title, and hook to the success of a YouTube video
  • Improved the audio and got the microphone out of the shot with the Rode Videomic NTG
  • Settled into a cadence of one video every two weeks

Books Read


  • Ordered my first eInk tablet, the Boox Note Air 2 Plus
    • This led to one of my most popular videos I’ve done and also opened the wonderful rabbit hole into eInk Tablets
    • Kit Betts-Masters reached out with a question and then promoted the video. (Thank you, Kit!)
  • Got the reMarkable 2 in for testing (ended up loving it)
    • Learned that I don’t hate the Ballpoint pen on the reMarkable 2, only the Fineliner.
    • reMarkable 2 made screen-sharing and connectivity free
  • Reviewed the Supernote A5 X
    • It is also great.


  • Started a Blog (brandonkboswell.com)
    • It runs on Obsidian and Hugo
    • Established RSS for it
    • Did a video on it (Link)
    • Established Branding for the Homepage
  • Laid the technical foundation for a Newsletter
    • Have started getting sign ups, but haven’t started writing for it yet (27 subscribers as of EOY 2022)
      • “People are preordering your thoughts”.Bryson Davis
  • Started the Knowledge Workers Discord Community (https://discord.gg/v4qdKMughq)
  • Obsidian / Second Brain
    • Wrote an Obsidian plugin, Obsidian Weekly Review Plugin (Link)
    • Stood up a dashboard for Areas in Obsidian
    • Started a Content Calendar in Obsidian
      • It worked okay, but wasn’t perfect
      • Still looking for something that I stick to better
    • Set up Obsidian to automatically back up to Github. The last thing I need is to lose my PKM system because it’s not backed up. (Link)
    • Created Backlogs in Obsidian
      • Gaming Backlog
      • Idea Backlog
      • TV Backlog
  • Got a Smoker and learned how to smoke a few things:
    • Salmon
    • Chicken
    • Ham
    • Chuck Roast
  • Got into the Readwise Readwise Reader Beta (Link )
  • Got comfortable controlling OSX without Mouse
  • New PR on Peloton
  • Marshie and I’s 10th Anniversary
  • Re-did the dining room
    • Got 8 dining chairs from Charm School for $200
    • New table
    • New Chandelier


  • Camlink
    • Made it much easier to record live videos

Game Changers

  • Yabai
    • Set up Yabai Stacks to get a full screen mode that is more like what I am used to.
    • I am really enjoying Yabai. It is a much bigger lift to set up, but is much less janky than Amethyst

Learning / discovery this year

  • Began tracking notes on my outcomes when cooking in the cooking folder so that the next time I cook something, I can benefit from my learnings the previous time. Don’t Start from Scratch
  • Figured out how to bind the Quick App Launching as Toggles.
  • Learned how to get CSV output from jQ.
  • Swapped over to Warp as my terminal of choice
    • Later swapped back to iTerm
  • Had more productive morning time by avoiding time traps like Twitter and Feedly
    • Learned to avoid my phone and Time Traps during the morning routine to get the most out of my most productive time of the day
    • Avoid your phone for the first hour of the day
    • Move Readwise to lunch time along with Wordle to up more time in the morning
  • I took Readwise’s Bionic Reading study and found that I read 17% faster with Bionic reading.
  • Adjusted my daily template to just use: “Today was a good day because:” for reflection
  • Shifted my left monitor back to portrait so that it can show me more of the list content I consume in TickTick, Slack, Akiflow, Obsidian
  • Realized I can open any url from my clipboard in a web browser by pasting it into Alfred
  • Decaffinated Coffee can still make it difficult to get to sleep
  • Daily & Weekly Reflection is difficult when I’m not on my routine. Especially during the Holidays
  • I learned that I avoid/struggle with self-promotion due to being accused of bragging as a child.
  • Read the content you’ve already curated instead of looking for more via RSS.
  • Connected the softbox to a smart plug to make it easy to turn on and off.
  • Tasks that aren’t immediately actionable shouldn’t be in your To-Do list they need to be incubated somewhere else
  • The importance of starting the day with a plan
    • If you expect there to be time and energy at the end of the day for your daily highlight you are setting yourself up for failure
    • Avoid phone usage before lunchtime as a goal.
  • Weekly Planning
    • Working from a pre-planned week makes the morning routine significantly easier.
  • Reducing Distractions
    • Trying hiding the bookmark bar to try to remove it as a distraction.
  • Started documenting my Areas of Focus
  • Learned about the ABZ Framework. I need to figure out how to apply this in projects.
  • Research as a form of procrastination
  • Doing a dedicated script-writing session prior to record videos.
  • Consume less content, produce more