If you know of a great keyboard shortcut that you adore, that is not mentioned here, email (this domain at gmail.com) or DM me on Twitter so I can add it.

The keyboard shortcuts references here are expressed in terms for the Mac, but you can typically convert them for use on Windows by swapping OPT for ALT, CMD for CTRL and CTRL for the Windows key (sometimes)

macOS / General

  • CTRL + CMD + F for Full Screen
  • CMD + , for preferences
  • Close current window with CMD + W
  • Close current app with CMD + Q
  • Change active application with OPT + Tab
  • Changing Spaces with CTRL + Left or Right
  • Function + Backspace functions as a forward delete key
  • CTRL + CMD + SHIFT + 3 or 4 for Screenshots
  • Make sure you know how to play/pause your music & change volume with keyboard shortcuts

General Text Selection

  • CMD + Left or Right to jump to the ends of the line
  • OPT + Left or Right to move a word forward or back
    • Add SHIFT to select the word while you’re at it

Google Chrome

  • CMD + L to highlight to URL bar
  • CTRL + Tab to switch tabs
  • CMD + R to refresh the current tab
  • CMD + [ to go back a page
  • CMD + ] to go forward a page
  • CMD + OPT + Down Arrow to Deselect the Browser Bar. Alternatively can do it with CMD + P and then tap Escape. Its hacky, but surprisingly fast and easy.


  • CMD + K to read unread messages and access any thread
  • Use your arrow keys to highlight a thread
  • E to edit it when you mess up
  • R to react with an emoji


  • CMD + [ to go back a page
  • CMD + ] to go forward a page
  • CMD + SHIFT + G to type in a specific path


  • CMD + SHIFT + V toggle video on and off
  • CMD + SHIFT + A toggle mute on and off
  • *CTRL + * toggle additional UI
  • CMD + U toggle the participant sidebar
  • HOLD Spacebar (while Zoom is focused) to temporarily unmute


  • OPT + Enter open the link under your cursor
  • CMD + OPT + Enter open the link under your cursor in a new pane
  • These are the keybinds I use, but you are welcome to use them too:
    • Open Today’s Daily Note: CMD + SHIFT + D
      • Previous Day: CMD + SHIFT + ,
      • Next Day: CMD + SHIFT + .
    • Delete Note: CMD + SHIFT + Backspace
    • Apply Template: CMD + T
    • Close Panes
      • Close Left Pane: CMD + \
      • Close Right Pane: CMD + SHIFT + \
    • Toggle Focus Mode: CMD + OPT + CTRL + Enter


(Spotify is lame for keyboard shortcuts)

  • I usually Play/Pause with the global keyboard shortcut
  • CMD + L for Searching


  • CMD + SHIFT + C to copy your altered image to your clipboard
  • CMD + E to save your altered image


  • From the Inbox
    • Move up with J
    • Move down K
    • Open a conversation with Enter
    • Select a conversation with X
    • Archive a conversation with E
    • Snooze a conversation with B
    • Star a conversation with S
  • With a conversation open
    • Go to the next conversation in the list with J
    • Go to the previous conversation with K


  • CMD + SHIFT + C Copy new URL
  • CMD + N New Window
  • CMD + S Hide Sidebar
  • CMD + SHIFT + W Close Window (Note that tab state is shared across windows)
  • CMD + OPT + N New Little Arc Window (Note you can only have 1 and it can only have one tab)


  • CMD + R Quickly rename the selected layer
  • Use the simple shortcut OPT + L to collapse all Layers and keep your panel looking tidy as you work through a project.
  • Use Tab and SHIFT + Tab to Move up and down in your Layers Palette.
  • Use Enter and SHIFT + Enter to drill into a group and back up out of it.

Terminal / iTerm / Warp

  • CMD + D Split Vertical (Left and Right Panes)
  • CMD + SHIFT + D Split Horizontal (Top and Bottom Panes)

If you love keyboard shortcuts, check out Super Duper Keyboard, it enables even more.

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