Self Reflection

  • Someone who is willing to try out new things in order to improve. A min/max’er if you will.
  • Someone who speaks loudly without knowing it.
  • A person who is Curious. Someone who as a kid probably asked “Why?” too much.
  • Someone with keen senses. I unfortunately hear that hum from that light and that electrical motor. I’m one of those weird people who can hear the difference between compressed and uncompressed music.
  • I feel most fulfilled when I work on the early stages of an idea. I’m okay with have many choices and honing in on the one to explore/try first.
  • I am a quote collector. Readwise is great for this.
  • Someone who takes satisfaction in helping people.
  • I love learning new things. Student of life
  • Some might say detail-oriented, but I like to explain it as wanting things to be thought through and intentional. I’m a big fan of symmetry and Aesthetics.
  • Someone who naturally likes to live in their Comfort Zone. This makes my life easier, but left unchecked runs of risk of life being slightly less rewarding.
  • I believe in an Artisan mindset.
  • I am a Polymath / Renaissance Man.
  • INTJ
  • Work Idealist

About Me

Things I value most