2022-08-30 Time Soup asked on the My Youtube Channel:

Bit of a random question but regarding the ‘people’ folder what sort of information do you put into files for your contacts (i.e. the people you know, not authors)?

Thanks for reaching out! There isn’t a ton of structure to the people notes aside from some automation to create an alias to the person’s first name, which is handy when referencing a person in my daily notes. In my case, I keep the notes for people I know and authors I read in the same folder. They are real people, after all, and some of the people whose content I consume I also end up connecting with virtually. Many of the notes are empty, but some have important information about the person that I don’t want to forget. Most importantly, they are landing places where I can look at the local graph to see all the interactions or times I have mentioned those people in my Daily Notes or Weekly Reflection. You also now have a person note in my PKM where I logged that we chatted in this comment thread today. Here’s to hoping we chat again in the future!