Cringe-Free Networking




If you get asked the same thing more than three times, create a post on it Think about all the questions you get asked more than three times. Write your answer in a Google Doc (or Notion page) so that you can share your wisdom. Keep all your notes in the LifeOS Make it easy. Share it wide. And you’ll see the spark of delight in your friends’ eyes. (View Highlight)

In my case I put it in Obsidian and show it online. I also can use it as ideas for videos.

Surprisingly, the best way to land a new job is through a someone in your running club, a random Twitter DM or the dad you just met on the soccer field. These connections are known as weak ties. Now when you meet someone, jot down a few simple notes. Where they grew up. Their kids’ names. What lights them up. How you first met them. (View Highlight)

People Notes What to put in People Notes?

  1. Understand people’s superpowers What lights you up? It’s an important, yet overlooked question when you meet new people. It’s tempting to go full-on LinkedIn mode. (View Highlight)
    • Note: Good alternative to “what do you do for work?”

These hobbies and superpowers tell you way more about a person than their LinkedIn profile. (View Highlight)review - Note: You can find out what they do for living afterwards with a quick search in LinkedIn

I’m always on the look-out for a win-win-win. A way to help others AND create new friendships. All while increasing the surface area of your own luck. (View Highlight)review

And that’s how I came up with the Mutually Beneficial Introduction — better known as the MBI. The MBI is simple. You introduce two people who you think would mutually benefit from knowing one another. Now, here’s where the passions and superpowers come into play. (View Highlight)review

But imagine if you could connect two people outside of their LinkedIn bios (View Highlight)review

In order to avoid any awkwardness and scheduling constraints, you must get the blessing of both parties. This ensures that they are both willing (and able) to meet. (View Highlight)review