The Ultimate Guide to YouTube



Great YouTube tips


Once your basic timeline is created, you want to add in interesting B-roll. These could be second camera clips, titles, transitions, and lower thirds. Or even images, screen recordings, and even handwritten animations. (View Highlight)review


Add sound effects to your titles and transitions (View Highlight)review

and do some colour grading to give your edit the right look and feel (eg warm and cosy, or bright and clinical). (View Highlight)review

Sound effects can massively elevate your production value when used subtly. They make your videos feel polished. I tend to use a sound effect whenever something appears on the screen. (View Highlight)review

Firstly, there are several YouTube-specific skills to learn: • Topic choice • Titles • Thumbnails • Scripting • Camera Presence (View Highlight)review

The most important thing a good thumbnail does is plant a question in the viewer’s mind. You need to awaken their curiosity. You can add text to the thumbnail to literally ask a question/make a statement, or you can let the title do the heavy lifting. (View Highlight)review

So if you can turn what you say into a story that follows a hero’s journey, everything will become endlessly more attractive to the viewer. Make what you say personal and show how it has transformed you, and more people will be compelled to listen (View Highlight)review

I suggest you spend at least 10-20 minutes thinking about ONLY the first 10 seconds of a video before you film it. Consider how you’ll keep the audience intrigued enough to keep watching more. This will pay massive dividends. (View Highlight)review

Offering a transformation (”I used to sleep really badly, but in the last month I ran an experiment that’s got me sleeping like a baby. Here’s what I did.”) (View Highlight)review

With simpler videos (like listicles) the hook and intro can be combined into one package. (View Highlight)review

Transitions between footage often benefit from a subtle sound effect, like a slight ‘whoosh’, ‘click’, or ‘bam’. It gives the viewer a gentle endorphin kick. (View Highlight)review

Any time text comes on screen, you should have sound effects for typing, text messages and so on, to draw the viewer in. (View Highlight)review