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The Tickler File is an organizational tool which can be used to simplify the tracking of date-related items and to manage work flow. It works well as an adjunct to personal planners and calendars, allowing them to be used for streamlined focus on items that require on-going review and access. The Tickler is also referred to as “perpetual file,” “bring-forward file,” “follow-up file,” or “suspense file.”

If you want to be reminded to handle something in the future, but don’t want or need to think about it until then, it can be “tickled” to show up exactly on the day or month you’d like to see it again.

Slice of life: some real things in my tickler file—DA

  • Amtrak ticket for the day I need it

What I’ve been building in TickTick with Routines is effectively a digital tickler file

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