Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time




It’s a simple idea. Our energy fluctuates throughout the day. So why not match your best energy with your most productive activities? (View Highlight) Most productive time of the day High Energy Time

Next, there’s The Inner Critic. This negative self-talk is always reminding you that you’re not doing enough and that you’re not deserving of the good that comes towards you. Like the scarcity mindset, it can be triggered by a one-off negative event. Or it can arise from lingering self-confidence issues arising from childhood, unhealthy relationships and trauma. (View Highlight)

Finally, there’s The Envy Trap. When you compare yourself to others, you’re inevitably going to compare their greatest hits to your greatest shortcomings. Particularly in the era of Instagram and Personal Brand Influencers, people with seemingly a lot more than you are everywhere. And this comparison (whether you seek it or not) is draining. It engenders self-doubt, resentment and eats at your sense of self worth. (View Highlight)

This spiritual connection is beyond the scope of this blog post, but one can use a series of questions (aka $10K Questions) to better connect with something larger than ourselves. Some of our favorite reflection questions are: • How would I spend my time if I didn’t have to work for money? • What does success mean to me? • If I had 1 year to live, what (would I change? • How would I like people to think of me? • Am I playing the right game? • What is happiness? (And am I happy?) • When will I know that I have enough? • What would I want my eulogy to say? • How would life be different if there weren’t criticism in the world? • What would I like my life to look like, 20 years from now? • Who am I? (View Highlight) Great Reflection Prompts

Where can batching similar activities remove the friction of context switching? (View Highlight)review - Note: I’ve started trying to do this by doing ticketing in blocks in the afternoon