How to Prioritize (When Everything’s a Priority) | RadReads




As I’ve reinserted myself back into a management role, I’ve realized that I am usually the blocker for a series of downstream tasks. Since one of my hats involves being our Chief Marketing Officer, I often need to review copy, rewrite headlines, develop campaign framings and analyze customer research. Until I complete these activities, many things can’t “go live” or get “launched.” Most days, my job feels like air-traffic control (which I thoroughly am enjoying). However, there’s a tension here. It makes it much harder to do Deep Work and therefore my attention always feels fragmented. Strong internal communication protocols and clear response expectations can really alleviate this fragmentation.

Do you understand how a task moves the needle to a bigger why? This problem is particularly acute in large organizations, where many employees feel like they’re a languishing cog in a corporate hamster wheel. To keep folks engaged in a role they need to understand how their task moves the needle to a bigger why