An Honest Conversation With Ali Abdaal




that’s why probably why I don’t like the hooks of videos because as soon as I hit record it’s like all of the pressure is on the first 30 seconds and so what I’ve started doing is I’ll just record the hook at the end yeah so I’ll just launch straight into all right well Point number one is blah blah blah blah and then at the end of the video yeah once I’ve I’ve made the video in this video we’re gonna be talking about I’ll do the redo the intro (View Highlight)
- Note: Brilliant tip for YouTube

Record the Intro to your YouTube video at the end. YouTube

there’s a quote I heard recently which is you your internal identity lags about two years behind your external reality (View Highlight)

I think often it takes at least I find it takes speaking to other people to to kind of give me the permission almost to step into that new identity and feel comfortable with it (View Highlight)

This is similar to the conversations that I’ve had with Drew and Sefi