23 Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator




According to a recent survey by the Tilt, creators who run their business full-time have an average of 4k followers across their channels. So the myth you need a huge audience to succeed is totally false. It’s not about the size of the audience but the trust you build with them. (View Highlight)

You don’t need a huge audience to succeed as a creator You need 10 true fans

With the surge of email newsletters as a way to avoid platform risk and keep your audience safe, newsletter ads have become one of the primary income sources for creators. The way these work is simple: you put an ad on your email content for your audience to see with a call to action. These ads can be placed all over your email content, but the most popular placements are at the top of the newsletter: (View Highlight)

Crowdfunding relies on seeking financial support from your audience, there are many ways to do so, but these are the two most common: Several platforms support this form of monetization (Twitter, Twitch, YouTube… These subscriptions are often low priced ($3-5/month) and are a straightforward way to show support to a creator. (View Highlight)

What smart creators do with that information is productize that knowledge and, instead of offering your time as the solution, offer that product. (View Highlight) productize your knowledge

Speaking engagements can be lucrative for creators to make money while sharing their expertise. They not only provide a platform to monetize your knowledge, but they also enhance your visibility, credibility, and professional network. (View Highlight)

These are products that you can sell for less than $40-$50. We could include here ebooks, templates, trackers, planners… Someone who does this really well is Easlo. He has niched down as “The Notion Guy” and has tons of low-priced products around Notion 👇 (View Highlight)


Self-paced courses are the THE digital product. These courses can often be consumed in a few hours (usually in video or writing) and teach something specific. The scale really varies from creator to creator. Some last for 1h and others for over 40. (View Highlight)review