Do you ever find that you often solve a key problem, or have a novel idea when in the shower, just to find that you have no ability to jot those ideas down? I call those Shower Thoughts. Have you ever wondered why you get these epiphanies in the shower? Well, there are a number of scientific reasons why, but let’s focus on just one of them today, Boredom. When you’re in the shower, you don’t have your TV, computer, phone. (If I’m being honest, I sometimes I have my phone, but I don’t recommend that). Because you don’t have these things you’re forced to be one with your thoughts, and from a dopamine perspective they can be pretty boring in comparison to those devices, but Boredom breeds creativity. That boredom and being alone with your thoughts is what leads to these great ideas.

My 2003 Dodge Dakota doesn’t connect to my phone and has a pretty terrible sound system. Hell, it doesn’t even have cabin air filters (Although I wish it did), but I often find that I get these Shower Thoughts here as well (because I’m left alone with my thoughts). So, I will leave you with a simple call-to-action: Shower Thoughts don’t have to be reserved for just the shower, you can have them anywhere, you just need to have the courage to put down your phone, and not fight the boredom.