I have been creating videos on YouTube for a little over a year now. It started as a little experiment in sharing my favorite tips and tricks with the world, but has slowly grown much bigger than I originally expected. I recently took a look at my YouTube stats, and they are by no means staggering, but when you try to translate them into “in-person” or human terms it is quite wild.

Over the last 28 days here are some raw statistics from YouTube:

  • 2,284 Subscribers
  • 55,300 Viewers
  • 6,500 watch hours

Let’s translate those numbers into terms we can more easily wrap our heads around:

  • 2,284 people have watched a video and at the end decided they would like to see more videos like that in the future.
  • Videos I produced were watched over 3,500 times per day
  • Every minute there were 9 people around the world watching a video I made

The first time I calculated these numbers, I was amazed at the reach, and this is just for a relatively small tech channel. To do something of this scale in the physical world would be crazy, but on YouTube it is just another Monday.