2024-02-24 Ali Abdaal Simple effective execution. This is a photo of him (that he likes) with the blurred background in the same environment. And then he puts whatever he’s trying to showcase, usually some digital app, in between. Then uses white text with a drop shadow and an arrow to draw attention to some aspect of the thing on screen. This is reusable and you can do this without actually shooting a new thumbnail each time.

2024-01-17 Ramit Sethi Simple, reusable format that makes it clear that it’s from him and that it’s a talk / Q&A Format.


2023-09-13 2023-08-29



2023-05-08 I really like the simplicity of this thumbnail with the off-black text, off-white background and a few simple elements on screen. The cable running off the side is also a nice touch. I’ve been shown this thumbnail a few times, and I remember it each time I’ve seen it. I unfortunately have no need to watch the video (based on the title), but the screenshot pulls me in.



  • I like the faux desktop background and icons and that he tilted a specific icon to garner more attention

7M Subs Just used the high quality are from the game. Probably wouldn’t work for me

2K Subs Logo is front and center Colorful Arrow lead your eye

3.5M Subs Clean Beautiful color grade Device is front and center Device is unique and recognizable Background blur is beautiful Targeting a knowledge worker based on the desk setup

711K Subs Cool use of color and typography 3.5M Subs Great color grade Beautiful Text

313K Subs Big Text Great contrast between the text and the white background

4.4K Subs Beautiful Color Simple Shot Clear Text Nice subtle gradientv

58K Subs Great text style again Creating a scene with other items around

193K Subs Host first Icons are useful. Overall only okay

13K Subs I like that this one has bright colors and lets you showcase an app window easily

1M Subs I really like the color work here