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YouTube Channel Overview

Written September 17, 2021

    Mindfullness Digital Workflow Quick Tips

    # Goals

    Become visible in some way

    • To make connections
    • Open up new serendipitous opportunities
    • Fill in latent knowledge gaps
    • Help others by sharing
    • Meet others who are interested in:
      • Digital Computing
      • Digital Productivity
      • Making Digital tools as effective as analog tools
      • Reducing the friction with using digital tools
      • Reduce stress in a faster paced world
      • Taking more control over their days
      • Achieving their goals
      • Creating systems for capturing ideas and acting on those ideas
      • How to increase the speed with which you can get around on your computer.
        • Make getting around on your computer a more natural, enjoyable experience.
    • Potentially meet people for recruiting in the future.
    • What are we hoping people will leave with?
      • An approach and examples of tools for capturing, curating and acting on important ideas.
      • Key tips and tools for making your computing experience more enjoyable.
      • 1 tip a week for getting more out of your computer.
        • A weekly tip for making your computer easier to use.
        • A weekly tip for having a better connection with your computer.
        • A weekly tip for getting the most out of your computer
        • A weekly tip for removing your computer as the rate limiting factor
        • A weekly tip for a better computing experience.
        • A weekly tip for being more productive at your computer.
        • 1 tip a week for improving Digital Hygiene.
        • Weekly 5 Minute Tips for keeping your sanity while working from home.
      • Ideally under 5 minutes so that people can watch them in the pockets of time in their day.
        • Is there some Youtube algorithm that benefits having longer videos? Why are most videos so long?
      • You are not going to stop using computers anytime soon, why not invest in your skills at the computer
      • Do people want to improve their skills?
        • How might someone stumble upon this?

    # Pitch

    “I spend a lot of time with my computer, but I love it. I think part of why I love it is that I’ve learned enough tricks along the way that I have for the most part gotten my computer out of the way of my thought process. [It’s basically an extension of me at this point.] I want other people to enjoy the time they spend with their devices as much as I do. That’s why I created a Youtube Channel where I chronicle my workflow experiments. What worked, what didn’t and the tricks I’ve learned along the way”

    # Why Me?

    • I’ve always been someone who was good with computers
    • I’m an engineer who knows deeply how computers function and can translate that understanding into easily understandable concepts
    • I’ve worked from home for the past 8 years and it has been incredibly rewarding for me, put my learnings from the past 8 years to use in your life.
    • I’m constantly experimenting and trying new things and keeping what works. Try out what I have been refining over the last 10+ years and see if it works for you.
    • I literally use a computer or iDevice most waking hours of my life. If it is good enough for me, it is likely good enough for you.

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