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    Window Managers

    # Goals

    • Not have to manually manage windows to get easy 2-pane setups
    • Have more control over selecting individual windows
    • Not have to contort my hand in weird ways to manage windows
    • Be able to open new windows and lay them out effortlessly with the keyboard
    • Get a hyper key to open up more key combos without risk of conflict
    • Have an easier way to tell which window is selected without reducing multi-taskability
    • Give a window focus just by looking at it ;)

    # Challenges

    • My use of HJKL arrow keys with modifiers is highly non-standard
    • Sharing a keyboard with Mac and Windows complicates matters
    • Wanting to ensure that everything still works with the onboard keyboard complications matters

    # Outstanding Issues

    • Line Up and Down Command not working in Sublime
    • How to make window focusing work across Desktops
    • Can I set up a way to Mission Control from the Keyboard to see what windows exist?
    • When splitting a new tab out of Chrome, I want it to stay on the active Display
    • Weird shifting when seemingly nothing changes. Appears like it may have something to do with Obsidian
      • Was a weird interaction with BTT Window Snapping
    • Need a way to control windows that aren’t managed by Yabai
    • Why do windows rearrange on rebooting Yabai?
    • Can’t easily shift a window left and right currently
    • Make notifications not throw it off.
    • Make Screenshoting not affect it.
      • Screenshotting takes fullscreened window out of fullscreen
    • Doing this makes me want to utilize spaces, but then I worry about losing things.
    • Sometimes Chrome won’t be controlled by Yabai correctly
    • Check out Stack Layouts to see if they help
    • How to make items open on my right monitor instead of my left monitor.

    # Unexpected Benefits

    • Learned about O Launching
    • Got a hyper key working
    • Hyper Key reduces unnecessary contorting

    # Learnings

    • Yabai & Better Touch Tool Window Snapping have weird interactions when both enabled
      • I had forgotten that I had BetterTouchTool Window snapping. I have since stopped using Better Touch Tool since the primary thing I was using it for was TouchBar config.
      • Ended up trying out Amethyst after seeing a Youtube Video on it by Christopher Kapic

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