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Thinking Devices

Written June 19, 2022

    # What should you use?

    # Are you an artist who does full color illustration regularly?


    • For drawing and calligraphy you can’t beat procreate on the iPad
    • The iPad has the most utility of any of these devices, but has the most distractions and worst writing feel

    # Do you want to avoid digital at all costs?

    Baron Fig Confidant + Book / Kindle

    • Great writing feel
    • Low distraction
    • Two Devices
    • My Baron Fig notebook rarely leaves my desk or my bag so the downside is I only write in it when I am at my desk.

    # Want to be able to take notes and read books (including Kindle) in the dark?

    Boox Note Air 2 Plus

    • Excellent writing feel, I actually prefer it over the Baron Fig because it’s similarly tactile, but less fatiguing, and never misses a stroke. Weirdly the Ohto Flash dry and Baron Fig aren’t always a perfect combo, but I found that to also be the case with Moleskine notebooks so perhaps thats more of a knock on the refill itself.

    # Same as above, but don’t need a backlight?

    4. archive/Supernote A5 X

    # Same as above, but need Kindle support or a backlight?

    reMarkable 2

    Interactive Graph