Matt x Ali Abdaal

Transitioned from Documentaries and Film to 10 minute YouTube videos.

You have to enjoy the process because it is a ton of time and effort to find success on YouTube.

Hardwork, Persistence and Experimentation

Scripting and Editing is huge to factor to success.

Start with the Title first

  • If you are going to spend 30-40 hours making a video you better make sure people are going to click the Title.

Titles should be 45 characters or less. (Ideally)

Comes up with 10-15 before the final release, but always starts with one before starting.

5/100 ideas will be good.

Become a student of YouTube, figure out what is working and how can I remix it and make it my own.

Doesn’t watch others because he worries he will fear copying others.

His early videos were not heavily scripted. He would have a few bullet points and do them off the cuff.

The best scripts are written and then re-written

His A-roll is word for word spoken and then his vlog / b-roll will be the off the cuff pieces. Everything always changes in the edit.

He says he’s a better writer than a talker and thats why he writes his scripts.

Ali’s team is finding that whenever he goes on a tangent, the retention drops.

Strong script-writing will save you time in the edit.

1500-2000 word scripts per video

Matt takes 2 days to write, 2 days to shoot, 2 days to edit

You can try writing the blog post first, which is similar to what I do where I effectively write out the content, but then perform it off the cuff.

If he only had 10 hours a week for YouTube he would spent 3 hours writing, 2 hours filming, 2 hours to edit

Do a few takes, don’t get frustrated with yourself Treat it like a conversation with a friend Pretend that this is streaming live. Pick a niche

Archeologist vs the Architect

Archeologists digs in a few different places and sees what works. Architects don’t begin shooting until they have everything planned out.

Don’t bury the lead

Matt tries to lead each video with three things

  • Originality
    • How can you make this different and interesting?
  • Brevity
    • Spend most of your time on the first 60 seconds of the video.
  • A Hook
    • Why should you watch to the end?

Matt varies up his music. You can use it to control the pace of your videos.

  • Changes the music for B-Roll
    • Always has music during B-Roll
  • Music fades down when he talks directly to camera
  • It sets the tone at the beginning of the video

Matt likes to have a lot of different angles to give choice in the edit.

  • If I get this posterboard, then I have more options

Start a B-Roll Library

  • Ali Abdaal keeps his in Google Drive
    • They edit it down and then export the 4K h264

Figure out why someone would watch this

Ali Abdaal smiles in his thumbnails. He actually B Tested it.