I have attempted hyper keys on two different occasions now and have come to the same conclusion that binding to fn is easier and better and has none of the side effects. I attempted to do this with Hammerspoon and F18 as demonstrated in https://kalis.me/setup-hyper-key-hammerspoon-macos/, but found that I could not easily do that and get the modifiers as I want them. Ultimately, I went back to my Karabiner setup that works with both my ALT and the internal Macbook keyboard. This enables me to share a keyboard across both MacOS and Windows

Resources: https://kalis.me/setup-hyper-key-hammerspoon-macos/ Rosco Kalis https://github.com/lodestone/hyper-hacks lodestone https://brettterpstra.com/2012/12/08/a-useful-caps-lock-key/