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Arc First Impressions

Written July 27, 2022

    A really well-designed browser that understands that people have different contexts.

    Note that it’s bookmarks can’t be read by Alfred, but aside from that it works with all of my other browser shortcuts. It was a pretty drop in replacement as a Google Chrome user.

    # Shortcuts

    • CMD+SHIFT+C: Copy new URL
    • CMD+N: New Window
    • CMD+S: Hide Sidebar
    • CMD+SHIFT+W: Close Window (Note that tab state is shared across windows)

    Alt clicking will open the link in split view (mind blown)

    FYI Figma users

    • 2022-08-23: Fixed issue where I couldn’t use the refresh keyboard shortcut in Figma from Arc browser. I was able to fix this by setting that shortcut to prefer the website’s shortcut in the Shortcut menu.

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