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The Revenge of Analog

    # The Revenge of Analog a Book Review


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    When it comes to the free flow of ideas, the pen remains mighter than both the keyboard and touchscreen ( View Highlight) Analog vs Digital Tools

    Before Sax dives into the sections he also wants to make the point that going digital only or analogue only is a false choice. You can mix and match the two mediums as needed. I use this with my book reviews. I write my notes in a notebook by hand because if a note or quote isn’t worth writing by hand it’s not worth keeping. Then I draft my first thoughts by hand, only after this is done do I break out my writing app to write a review and publish it in a digital medium. ( View Highlight)

    Antonio Marazza told me a story from a decade back when all the designers at his firm first recieved Adobe’s Photoshop software. Overnight, the quality of their designs seemed to decline. After a few months of this, Landor’s Milan office gave all their designer’s Moleskine notebooks, and banned the use of Photoshop during the first week’s work on a project. The idea was to let their initial ideas freely blossom on paper, without the inherent bias of the software, before transferring them to the computer later for fine-tuning. ( View Highlight)

    • Note: This is what I do before going to Figma as well. If I don’t have a general direction, then I don’t have any business in a high fidelity design tool Start with Analog Tools

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