The Revenge of Analog a Book Review




When it comes to the free flow of ideas, the pen remains mighter than both the keyboard and touchscreen (View Highlight) Analog vs Digital Tools

Before Sax dives into the sections he also wants to make the point that going digital only or analogue only is a false choice. You can mix and match the two mediums as needed. I use this with my book reviews. I write my notes in a notebook by hand because if a note or quote isn’t worth writing by hand it’s not worth keeping. Then I draft my first thoughts by hand, only after this is done do I break out my writing app to write a review and publish it in a digital medium. (View Highlight)

Antonio Marazza told me a story from a decade back when all the designers at his firm first recieved Adobe’s Photoshop software. Overnight, the quality of their designs seemed to decline. After a few months of this, Landor’s Milan office gave all their designer’s Moleskine notebooks, and banned the use of Photoshop during the first week’s work on a project. The idea was to let their initial ideas freely blossom on paper, without the inherent bias of the software, before transferring them to the computer later for fine-tuning. (View Highlight) - Note: This is what I do before going to Figma as well. If I don’t have a general direction, then I don’t have any business in a high fidelity design tool Start with Analog Tools