Our first step is to create a list of Domains. These are the parts of our lives which have no end date and where we must maintain a minimum standard of excellence. (David Allen calls these Horizons of Focus and Tiago Forte calls them Areas of Responsibilities.)review

Repeat after me, Domains have no end date and maintain a minimum standard of excellence. Here are some parts of your life that satisfy this criteria: My family My finances My health My personal growth My colleagues My hobbiesreview

Since we already established that we’ll use Due Dates sparingly, we’ll focus on tagging tasks by: $10K: High-leverage, high-skill (i.e. recruiting a CMO) $1,000: Low-leverage, high-skill (i.e. learning a new skill at work) $100: High-leverage, low-skill (i.e. reading this post) $10: Low-skill, low-leverage (i.e. getting to inbox zero)review

How on earth will we complete these “Important, but not urgent” tasks if they don’t have due dates? Here’s why the Weekly Review is an indispensable part of any productivity system. The process is simple, once a week (ideally at the same time) you go through every Project and every Domain list and scrutinize each task. As you go through the lists, ask yourself: Is this still relevant? Why is there resistance to this task/project? What tags can I add to improve discoverability? Am I actually doing my $10K Work?review