Superhuman Part II - Designing Software to Feel like a Game (with Rahul Vohra)




Game Design not Gamification. Good games nurture intrinsic motivation in players, in part because they’re fun. “Gamification” instead uses external motivators like badges, levels, and points to goad users into interacting with the product. (View Highlight)review

Rahul’s Advice for product designers: “Pull back from user wants and user needs. Instead, design for fun.” (View Highlight)review

It’s more important to consider how your product makes customers feel than what it functionally does for them (View Highlight)review

Superhuman found that reaching Inbox 0 is one of the most emotionally resonant moments in someone’s interaction with their email. To amplify that moment, Superhuman uses beautiful imagery as a reward to trigger specific emotions when a user empties their inbox. (View Highlight)review - Note: There is likely a similar moment in Dorsata that we aren’t taking advantage of just yet.