Personal Finance With Anthony Pompliano and Sam Parr




Speaker 3: every major mistake I made it sounds actually a lot like Saks like oh my God this is amazing like idea like this is gonna be cool if I was running the business this is what we would do A. B. C. D. And like it be like the person ended up not thinking they were gonna do the same thing and so they want to build like a different business or they ended up doing something different now. I’m just such a believer that like if you bet on the right person it does not matter what else happens. They’ll just they’ll figure it out. Um And you actually have to bet on like the really crazy people like Bezos is nuts. He’s just as nuts. He just doesn’t do it on twitter but if he had a twitter account tweeted every day we would be like holy sh it that guy, he was sending dick pics right? Like like like he’s just as crazy. It’s just that (Time 0:10:05)review

Speaker 2: M. I. T. On your resume. You will get an interview. Like I get it. Like everyone here is a little bit out of the ordinary but for the average joe if you can get an M. I. T. And you have to go in debt? That’s a no brainer. You always take that. But are you better are Speaker 3: you better getting accepted than just dropping out and saying you’re an M. I. T. Dropout and not getting the debt and just saying that you were the dropout. Speaker 2: Yeah. If you want to be like homies with Peter thiel. Yes if you want to start a company if you just wanna go work at facebook and make a quarter million dollars a year and rest invest and chill and have a go play softball at four o’clock on the on the weeknight. Yeah I’d say go to M. I. T. Get the degree. It’s definitely worth the debt. It’s definitely worth like meeting like some senators like Sun or something like that. It’s worth like the crew that like it’s worth going. And like you go like Do you know does does Facebook ever recruit from (Time 0:26:32)review

Speaker 3: six days a week, but like you can just back into it. Like you probably make a million bucks washing cars, You Speaker 0: Know what I would do, I would take the 10K. I would buy a few courses, like teach myself introductory engineering, teach myself marketing, whatever that’s where the money would go. Then I would go talk to a bunch of investors in tech and say who are the fastest growing startups, like consensus rocket ships, like early days of stripe. I would go and join them, use that knowledge, I just gained from these courses, get some entry level position, get my equity and that’s what I would do. But I wanna be very clear though not jump and join a startup, join like stripe and it was like 100 and 50 people where it’s, it’s taking off. Um but also I’m biased because I failed to do that and I wish (Time 0:31:49)review

Speaker 2: some words typed up and like you just submit, you can just submit that in order to get your a refund because it’s not like they’re gonna like check to see if you can just hypothetically you could just make an obituary or the second thing that you could do it just fine. Like an and like straight an obituary for like $10 like if you really wanted to or the second thing that you could do is just find someone with your last name that’s died recently. Speaker 3: Sam are you killing fake people. Speaker 2: Dude it’s crazy, I wanted to cancel a ticket to Italy for like in two weeks and like the government shutting down and I’m like hey let me just get a refund and I’ll buy a ticket later and they’re like, you can’t, I’m like well what are the loopholes here? Like just tell me how I get this. And like, well if someone died recently, there Speaker 0: are all these enterprise companies like airlines, you have all these databases of intel on their (Time 0:34:58)review