Speaker 1: had a career or business that didn’t matter so much, they had um a much much easier lifestyle. And often we’re producing results with much less effort. And the difference I think is leverage. We talked a lot about leverage in our in our work either day by day, you’re building some sort of leverage and you can think of leverage as power, some source of power, some source of um of influence that is increasing with time, you can think of, you know, an investing account that you’re putting money into every month as a form of leverage over time that’s going to get more and more powerful. A blog That you regularly published two as a form of leverage every post. You add ads not one post of value but adds kind of exponential value. The posts and the (Time 0:01:14)

Speaker 1: of like a it’s like a catalyst. Um, and I think that’s what we’re doing, building up this these knowledge assets is making it each day’s work a little bit easier for tomorrow, self for next week’s self, for next month’s self. You Speaker 0: know, what’s crazy, what second brain did for me transcends all of this. What it did was it made me treat my future self as if that person was real and it didn’t just have an impact with my ideas. It had an impact on the way I eat the quality of my sleep, my fitness routines. Because for the first time in my life, I was actually creating something for future David. And I was thinking, what will 30 year old David, what will 40 year old, 50, 60, 70 year old David want? And normally it’s called the End of history illusion. You think that the person that you are now is the person that you’re always going to be. But when you have the second brain, you’re always thinking about what your future self is gonna want and it becomes this radical shift in your own identity, treating who you’re going to be in the future as somebody worth considering, like a wife, like a sister, Speaker 1: like a mother. Speaker 0: And when that happens, you’re able to act with more direction, more diligence and live a healthier (Time 0:03:18) (Time 0:02:36)

Invest in your Future Self

Speaker 0: more direction, more diligence and live a healthier life, Speaker 1: I think so. And here’s the trick though, that makes doing this with ideas so powerful usually. I mean, what we’re talking about here is delayed gratification. Usually it’s a trade off. I can favor myself now or I can favor myself in the future with finances. You think I can spend the money now, I can spend the money later, that you can’t really spend it both times, but with ideas you can. So what I notice is when I write something down, I get a benefit in that instant, I get the benefit of seeing my idea in a concrete form. I get the benefit of having it, not on my mind and not having to keep track of it, I get the benefit of sharing it with someone else. And so we’re talking (Time 0:03:59) Write it down Personal Knowledge Management