Make Meeting More Meaningful




A one hour meeting makes the three hour period that contains it essentially unusable for deep, focused work*. Work like that requires at least a two hour period of uninterrupted time. So, this means our one hour meeting also has an exceptionally high opportunity cost multiple for the rest of the hours in an individual’s day (View Highlight)

Deep Work Meetings

A meeting’s Purpose is a statement that justifies its existence. A great purpose statement answers a single core question: Why does this conversation need to be a meeting? (View Highlight)

Great intended results start with solution oriented verbs like “fix”, “decide”, or “create”. Words like “discuss” and “sync” do not imply a direct outcome and should be avoided at all costs. (View Highlight)

I like to use this format for minutes: Someone (usually the host) should be assigned to write this message and send it out to the rest of the team. It should be sent no later than 24 hours after the meeting’s conclusion. Any longer than that, and you risk people acting on incorrect information. The meat of this message can also be added as a “TL;DR” section in the meeting notes doc so that future team members can easily look back through the catalog of meeting notes. (View Highlight)