How to Repurpose and Syndicate Your Blog Posts for More Exposure




Medium Publishing content to Medium is fast and easy. Most importantly, though, the platform provides you with a way to repurpose your own content and potentially reach hundreds, if not thousands, of new readers. (View Highlight) Medium Repurposing Blog Posts

For many bloggers, the idea of cross-posting their blog content raises red flags. The main concern is that doing so will hurt their blog’s SEO. Luckily, the use of a “canonical tag” in republished content can help circumvent such issues. In simple terms, the canonical tag appears in a line of code and serves to mark republished posts as duplicate content, and therefore identify the post on your blog as original content and preserve its SEO (View Highlight)

While third-party platforms like Medium are great for expanding your reach and increasing your visibility, the goal should always be to lead people back to your own domain. Make sure your story on Medium features links throughout that point back to your blog. (View Highlight)---

Identify Syndication Opportunities Because your content will appear on popular websites, syndication can give your blog and reputation a serious boost. To find syndication opportunities, you’ll need to spend a bit of time exploring major media sites where you want to see your blog content appear. (View Highlight)review

One tactic is to do an Internet search for the phrase “originally appeared on.” This will reveal articles that were republished from one website to another and can be a great starting point for finding syndication opportunities. (View Highlight)review