How to Massively Increase Your Average View Duration



  • Author: Ali Abdaal
  • Full Title: How to Massively Increase Your Average View Duration


First, in order to improve the structure of our videos and thus improve the AVD, we need to think about it in a form of three stages: 👋 Intro 🎞 Storyline 💰 Payoff (View Highlight)review

In the 👋 Intro you need to quickly show your viewers that the thumbnail and title are not clickbait and hook them within the first 5 seconds (View Highlight)review

So, in the first minute or two of the video you want to: • Meet expectations that the title and thumbnail set • Explain video and payoff instantly • Hook them and tell them why to watch And then get right into the video. (View Highlight)review

Storyline you need to convince your viewers to stay for the full video by having an interesting storyline which will lead them to the payoff. (View Highlight)review

In order to avoid that, make sure you: • Propose an easy to understand objective • Stay on topic • Remove all filler content (View Highlight)review

Make sure you conclude a video and leave them with some added value (entertainment, new skill, a new idea that they can apply) and relate the end bit of a video with another video on that correlating topic (View Highlight)review