How to Actually Grow on Social Media




had to get my content in front of people. I had to get my content shared by people with larger audiences than me. (View Highlight)

You would only have a chance at getting seen by these accounts if you tagged them, used their hashtag, engaged with them, and possibly messaged them to build rapport (View Highlight)

You can do well on one platform like X, but you will eventually become a slave to that platform. You will have to continue using growth strategies to keep your content in front of people. It won’t live on very long. Modern power belongs to those who hold the most attention in their lifetime. A short post that holds 10 seconds of attention is nothing compared to a video, podcast, or newsletter that holds 15-60 minutes of attention. You must take your best ideas (from the last part) and turn them into longer-form content. This is how you get your name spread without you trying. (View Highlight)review

Boring replies don’t make people click on your profile. Stop repeating what was said in the first post. Talk about yourself here. Tell people how you’ve experienced the same thing in your life. Talking about yourself leads to the most profile clicks. (View Highlight)review

Get people on a podcast. People love getting on podcasts. This is how you can get exposed to a larger creator’s audience. They will share the podcast to have their audience watch or listen. (View Highlight)review

Every creator you know is in a group chat with other creators. They talk strategy and have fun building businesses together. They also share each other’s posts and help them grow. They use the traffic mechanisms to create a strategy they can bake into their routine. (View Highlight)review