Finding and Fostering Great Product Sense




I define high-quality product sense as the ability to do two things without having extensive data (i.e. without running lengthy research upfront): • Generate many solid, highly profitable ideas for ways to make money • Intuit whether a product is likely to be successful with a high degree of confidence (View Highlight) Intuition Making good decisions where there is a high degree of uncertainty

They view great ideas as a renewable resource, rather than a scarce luxury, so their egos aren’t all wrapped up in having any one idea be deeply respected. (View Highlight) If ideas are plentiful you will be to let go of the bad ones more easily

I find that people with great product sense tend to draw from a much broader solution-space when deciding how to solve problems. People with poor product sense tend to look for playbooks: If I see X I do Y then Z. This worked for us at other company. People with great product sense tend to be first-principles thinkers and will draw from a wider range of sources for inspiration. (View Highlight)review

Great product thinkers view the world in terms of outcomes and incentives, rather than optimizations. (View Highlight)review