The build trap … describes the dysfunction that we see in many organizations and contributes to poor user experiences. Essentially, organizations get caught in the build trap when they prioritize outputs over outcomes. - Tags: Design

This phenomenon leads to the production of wasteful features that nobody wants and products that deliver little to no value. - Tags: Design

Often, teams produce customer-facing user experiences with no real consideration of value exchange. These projects deliver no value and distract coworkers from supporting more valuable user experiences. Plus, the organization bears the costs of developing and maintaining products that they’ve created just for the sake of creating something—anything.

Product Management’s role by advocating for a strategy that focuses more on outcomes than output

Perri recommends organizing teams based on value streams or an organization’s goals. Thus, a team could work across multiple technical features to effect the achievement of a strategic goal—for example, to increase conversions or reduce the number of support tickets users open. This approach minimizes wasted effort and increases the team’s focus on outcomes—on creating value