43 Life Lessons at Age 43




Always show others compassion. Everyone is suffering in their own private way. (View Highlight)review

When you find a really good fitting t-shirt, buy 4 of them (View Highlight)review

The best days begin with me keeping my phone off for the first hour. (Yes, you can get a real alarm.) (View Highlight)review

Most business books are snoozers. Reading a blog post and listening to a podcast gets you the 80/20 (View Highlight)review

If someone asks you the same question 3x, make it a public Google Doc. (View Highlight)review

Reading can be $10 work. Distracting you from the thing you should be doing but can’t motivate yourself to do (View Highlight)review

Money stress plummeted when we realized we don’t want to leave our kids a meaningful inheritance. (View Highlight)review

Sending birthday videos to friends makes many people smile. (View Highlight)review

There’s nothing you can buy that will bring enduring happiness. (View Highlight)review

The more texts you send, the more you get back. (View Highlight)review

Don’t exercise while listening to podcasts or Audiobooks. Is that really gonna activate “Beast Mode?” (View Highlight)review