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I respect your time. When I publish something. I want you to know I did my best and it might be worth your attention. I try to be consistent (daily) but keep the quality as high as I can. (View Highlight) No author can generate profound insights on a fixed schedule

I try to focus on the feeling I want you to experience: “Huh. This is clever.” “Wow. Never thought about this in such way.” “Ugh. That is exactly how I feel!” “This is soooo relatable. Are you in my head?” 1 28 (View Highlight)review

Connecting the dots, thinking, researching, stepping back is 80% of the work. 20% is to sitting down and drawing. I do my best to make the content look appealing, but ideas are the king. (View Highlight)review

iPad with apple pencil and the app I use is @Procreate . (View Highlight)review

I have a simple color palette with around 10 colors I use. Two simples brushes and style I’ve developed. That’s it. (View Highlight)review

I do quite a lot of tracing by snapping a photo or taking something existing and drawing over it. Sometimes I draw from scratch if it makes sense, but again. The idea is the king. (View Highlight)review

My font is simply hand-drawn over a regular font and the regular font is removed afterward. Many people have asked about this and it took a while to figure out this ridiculously simple trick. (View Highlight)review