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Personal Knowledge Management

Written September 17, 2021

    Subdivision of Knowledge Management

    “The real potential of a digital organizational system is to be a tool for capturing and systematically reminding you of past ideas, inspirations, insights, and connections.” — Tiago Forte

    There are four essential capabilities that we can rely on a Second Brain to perform for us: Making our ideas concrete. Revealing new associations between ideas. Incubating our ideas over time. Sharpening our unique perspectives. — Tiago Forte, Building a Second Brain

    Goals for a PKM:

    • capturing and systematically reminding you of:
      • past ideas
      • inspirations
      • insights
      • connections

    The heart of creativity and innovation is making spontaneous connections between seemingly unrelated things. Creativity, InnovationTiago Forte

    • End goals for of having a PKM
      • Tool for thought?
      • Begin writing / creating content
      • Expand knowledge
      • Curate Ideas
      • making connections between seemingly unrelated ideas
      • Build upon existing ideas instead of purely starting back at the beginning each time

    # Meta

    Tools for thought

    Interactive Graph