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Digital Workflow

Written August 28, 2021

    # Concepts

    Benefits of Digital Tools

    # Raw Notes

    My Youtube Channel

    • Alfred
      • Multi-clipboard
      • Quick Open
      • Bookmarks
    • Obsidian
    • Readwise
      • Kindle Highlights
      • Browser Highlights
        • Readwise for Chrome
        • Command for iOS
    • Vimium is not just for Developers
    • TickTick
      • My Lists / Contexts
      • Quick Capture
      • Quick Capture iOS
      • Dictation iOS
    • Drafts? (I don’t use it so maybe not)
    • Moving your phone / iPad out of the bedroom iOS
      • Credit to Jeff Bordogna
    • ShiftIt / Hammerspoon
      • Window Management
    • Spacehammer
      • Quick Launching & Window Management
    • Transitioning to Home Row Arrow Keys
      • What it’s like and who should do it
    • Quick Macros for common phrases (aText)
    • Getting MacOS the way you want it ( TinkerTool)
    • Remove Digital Distractions to get more done at work
      • Disable Phone Notifications
    • Reducing Binge by updating your homescreen
    • Get to Inbox Zero
    • My MacOS defaults
      • Turn off natural direction
      • Turn off Force Touch
      • Set a fast Key Repeat
      • Make files viewable w/ Preview
    • BetterTouchTool
      • Window Snapping
      • TouchBar Tweaks
        • I typically use my computer in clamshell mode these days so my touchbar prefs are not as relevant as they once were. Once upon a time these were my daily drivers though.
    • The benefits of multiple monitors
    • Password Manager
      • 1Password is what I use, but there are others
    • Better Zoom Meeting Sanity
      • Hide Self View in Zoom
      • HandMirror is an excellent little app
    • Do I need an iPad?
      • Probably not, but if you can afford one it can be useful resource especially if you need to express abstract or creative thought with others.
    • Work from home tips
      • Set clear hours you intend to work
      • Put the computer and other devices down after work hours
      • Create clear spaces and boundaries for where work and home are (if possible)
      • Make sure you still see friends outside of work. Work from home can be amazing, but it also means you have to make a conscious effort to maintain your relationships
        • For me this mean’t adding keeping in touch with people to my daily todo list.
      • Get outside and take a walk
      • How we use Notion at work

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