I’ve been using the reMarkable 3.0 Beta for the past week. Here are my initial impressions.

  • Being able to extend a page beyond A4 size is a huge improvement. Often I am forced to start a new page to continue a thought. Being able to have one page per ideas is very nice.

  • Being able to extend a page also opens up a better workflow to have one page per day. Previously, I couldn’t fit my notes for a given day on one page, so I didn’t attempt this. This works well now!

  • The ability to scroll pages is excellent, but I wish it remembered my scroll position when I leave the document and come back.

  • The new extendable pages now make using the reMarkable in landscape mode desirable. You can get a larger working space while still having as much height as you need. Excellent.

  • Landscape mode still doesn’t allow you to view the gallery in a landscape orientation. This makes landscape mode feel half-baked.

  • Being able to undo and redo actions via a two-finger tap is excellent. The only time I use the eraser now is when I need to erase something I wrote awhile ago.

  • The idea of typing in a reMarkable document makes a lot of sense once it’s hooked up for typing within the reMarkable app. It is not hooked up yet.

  • If you try to SSH into your reMarkable, and it closes the connection, you can fix this by remove the host from your known_hosts file.

  • I miss DDVK hacks, but I’m sure they will support 3.0 eventually.

For more details on the reMarkable 3.0 beta, check out my video here: https://youtu.be/xPEqzmU5-xg