Why do weekly reflection?

  • The progress you are making in your life can sometimes be difficult to see in realtime, but is fairly easy see after the fact if you go look for it. By spending 5 minutes each evening writing about your day you can learn so much about yourself and it’s rewarding to look back and see the all the good things that happen in life and your progress.
  • I’m constantly amazed how easy it is to forget the great things that happen in life if you don’t take a moment to write them down. Often when I sit down for weekly review I will be reminded of great things that I had already forgotten about. Weekly and annual review allow us to keep these things and continue to enjoy them.

How to get started with basic intention setting

  • 3 things you’re grateful for.
  • Pick one daily highlight to focus on for today. 1 simple thing that if you did today, then today would be a success.
  • Have a spot for notes
    • Capture those as the day goes along
  • End the day with “Today was a good day because…”
  • If you haven’t tried it out then check out One Thing, it’s this great little app that lets you keep your daily highlight front and center so you can’t forget it.

Choose a day that you start/end your week on and do weekly reflection.

  • Catalog the week’s:

    • Accomplishments
    • Highs
    • Lows
    • Learnings
  • Anything you would like to improve.

  • Start a document for next week and set 1-2 intentions for the week. Things that you think you can/should do over the next week. They don’t have to be big, just something that will have progressed you forward in some small way.

    • For me, it’s commonly making sure I release a video, or share a past video for those who may have missed it. Which reminds me if you’re enjoying the video please like and subscribe and if you’re already a subscriber, please share this video with someone who could benefit from it.
  • Are your daily highlights fit into the bigger picture of your weekly and life goals?

  • Simple Checklist

    • Review Obsidian Notes from the Last Week
    • Review iPad Notes from the Last Week
    • Clear out anything in the Drafts Inbox 
    • Did you complete what you set out to do?
    • Reflect on what was accomplished this past week
    • Plan out the upcoming week
    • Organize / Prioritize the Inbox
    • Review the Backlog
    • Does your calendar match your priorities and values?

Pro Tips for this

  • Use the Calendar and Temporal Notes plugin if you’re not already doing so.
  • Set a keyboard shortcut to go to today’s daily note
  • Set a keyboard shortcut to go back a day and forward a day so that you don’t have to leave focus mode if you don’t want to.
  • Keep your weekly note somewhere visible so that you don’t miss out on your weekly intentions just because they were out of sight-out-of-mind.