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Vimium is not just for Developers

Written November 28, 2021

    Chrome Extensions

    This video is by no means an exhaustive list of everything Vimium can do, but I can walk you through the features I use everyday that I think are a good starting point and then you can decide if you want to mix in anything else.

    # Features I actually use:

    • J/K Arrow Keys
    • F to tap on any button
    • / to search for any word on the page and then double tap enter to click on that link
      • If there are multiple instances of the word on the page you can tap enter once to commit the search and then use n to jump to the next instance of it.
      • Shift N to go back

    Be sure to check out the available commands in the settings. There are bunch of good commands in here that I don’t use, either one because I didn’t know about them and should be using them or because I already have existing muscle memory that I don’t feel like overwriting (from years of using other apps).

    # Things I should use

    • Open current clipboard url in the current tab p
      • New Tab is Shift + P
    • Tab Left, Shift + J
    • Tab Right, Shift + K
    • Back
      • Command + [
      • Shift + H
    • Forward
      • Command + ]
      • Shift + L
    • Open a new tab
      • Command + L, or Command + T
      • o or Shift + O

    # Things I have muscle memory for, but are a good idea to learn if you don’t already have keyboard shortcuts memorized

    • Or gi, I’m used to just hitting tab. Close Tabs
    • Command + W
      • or with Vimium you can use x
    • Reopen the last tab
      • Command + Shift + T
      • or Shift + X
    • yy to copy the current url to the clipboard
      • I do cmd+l, cmd+c but this I should embrace this one

    # Excludes

    Exclude R & Escape from all pages (especially my own as they are useful)

    • Figma

    • Look up what my excludes are currently