Hey there, everyone. I will keep this brief, as I know you all have more important things to do. I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who watched these videos. As of mid-September 2022 it will have been one year since I started posting to this channel and it has been a very special year. So let me take 2 minutes and give a quick recap of this YouTube channel over the last year. This is the 26th video (+ 1 short if you count that). We covered a number of topics from task management, productivity, eInk Tablets, Obsidian, Digital vs Analog tools and MacOS Workflow tips. If you missed any of those there are playlists linked down below for each. The response from all of you has been way more then I ever would have expected we’re going to end the first year with right around 1,500 subscribers and the stat that I’m personally most excited about is the 534 comments over the last year. Chatting with many of you in the comments has been the most rewarding part of this channel, so thank you again to all of you who watch these videos and extra special thank you to those who reach out via the comments.