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Quicklaunch your commonly used applications with Karabiner Elements

Written February 9, 2022

    # What shortcuts do I use?

    • O Launching
      • Originally found it watching a YouTube Video by Jesse Skelton which you can find here
        • M -> Music -> Spotify
        • I -> IM -> Messages
        • F -> Files -> Open Downloads Folder
        • G -> Google Chrome -> Chrome
        • C -> Calendar -> Fantastical
        • T -> TickTick -> TickTick
        • Z -> Zoom -> Zoom
        • D -> Obsidian -> Obsidian
        • E -> Editor -> Sublime Text
        • S -> Slack -> Slack
    • Hyper Key
      • This gives me an extra set of Keyboard Shortcut triggers without having to develop Carpel Tunnel or having to leave my home row. I used to bind many keyboard shortcuts to CTRL+ALT+COMMAND, but then I would have to leave the home row with the right hand which just leads to typing mistakes when trying to migrate back afterwards. Having the hyper key allows me to do those same shortcuts with my pinky finger on my left hand.
        • Hyper + i/j/k/l == vim directional Keys
    • HJKL Arrow Keys
      • Similar to the one above. I used to have one of the old Macbook Pros with the inverted T Arrow keys, and then with the unibody Macbooks with no ports they decided to screw that up. I had a ton of muscle memory for getting to those keys and never could get that back since they changed this. So last year I decided that I was going to move my arrow keys to the home row so I wouldn’t have to leave it. This configuration also has Hyper + G for beginning of line and Hyper + ; for end of line, but I honestly never use those. I just use Hyper+Command+H or L, there’s too much muscle memory there that I can’t seem to give up.
    • Shift+Escape to Tilde
      • This is largely just a symptom of having a 65% keyboard and needing to type a tilde where there’s no key for it. This is what I chose. I have more 65% keyboard hacks in my Keyboard itself that I should probably do a video on. Let me know in the comments if you have any interest in that.