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My YouTube Video Process (OLD)

Written September 10, 2022

    This is out of date and the current process is in: YouTube Production Checklist

    • Write an Outline
    • Write a script and/or Intro
      • Is there a video I can mention or reference in this video?
    • Come up with 10 title options
    • Determine what the thumbnail should be
    • Make the thumbnail (before recording the video)
      • If the thumbnail sucks, no need to go any further
    • Record the A-Roll (Dialog)
    • Do an initial cut of the dialog
      • Note B-Roll we need with markers (Blue)
      • Note chapters via markers in another color (Purple)
    • Take that list from DaVinci Resolve and record all the B-Roll
    • Write a description for moc/YouTube
      • Be sure to add relevant tags
    • Create named clips of that B-Roll in DaVinci Resolve
    • Overlay those B-Roll clips on the markers
      • Change the markers to green as you have filled each
      • This gives us a todo list of remaining tasks
    • Rewatch at 2x Speed and do a final edit
      • Chop up any long-running clips to stay interesting
      • Add chapters via markers in another color
      • Add Intro, Subscribe callouts and outro

    This needs to be updated, but I’ve started using Descript