1. Create a document with the following dimensions: 1404px x 1872px (Note that the reMarkable 2 and Supernote A5 X also have these same dimensions) The resolution is 227px per inch (Shouldn’t matter, but just thought you should know).

  2. Use your favorite image editor to create your image.

  3. Export your image as a PNG

  4. Connect your Boox device via USB to your computer and drop the exported file in the noteTemplate folder.

  5. Enjoy! Your template is now available within the notes app on your Boox Note Air 2 Plus.

P.S: you can follow these same instructions to customize your Screensaver and Shutdown images. Follow all of the same steps as above, but put the file in the Screensaver folder instead of the noteTemplate folder. Now open the screensaver on your Boox (it’s in the Apps tab) and choose your image from the Local Section.

If you’re looking for templates to use on your device, I have the dot grid that I prefer here:

  • PSD File (If you would like to edit it)
  • PNG File (For use on your Boox)


Boox Note Air 2 Plus